Oedipus the King Resources

Activities and Assignments for Oedipus the King by Sophocles

  • Background Information
    • These are guided notes for the Prezi I created for my class. You can find a link to the Prezi here
  • Oedipus Thesis Essay
    • This is a 5 paragraph thesis essay assignment with three possible prompts for students to choose from. It also includes some helpful reminders as to how to write a thesis essay
  • Oedipus (anti) Children's Book
    • This is a personal favorite. At breaks in the play (which happens to be when there is a "Pause and Reflect" question in my textbook but you can select when you want), students must summarize the story and draw an image in the style of a children's book.
      • Meaning the story should be the same but the language is simple enough for a child to understand.
    • I break the play up into 15 parts and I grade each page separately as a homework grade so that I can ensure that the students are on the right track. 
    • The students enjoy doing this project and it works better as a study guide than just plain study questions. It forces them to have to understand what is actually happening in the play as opposed to what they already know from the background. I also enjoy grading it because it allows my students to be super creative which is always fun to grade.Fi
Find more resources for other units here

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