Romeo and Juliet

Here are a few things I've been using the past four years for Romeo and Juliet

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  • Romeo and Juliet in Tweets
    • This is a fun activity that my kids enjoy doing. I usually do this after Act I and/or Act II so that there is some character interaction. They send out tweets as though they are a particular character in the play. This not only helps them put themselves in the minds of the characters but it also allows them to be creative (which is a win-win)
  • Soundtrack Project
    • Students create a soundtrack for the play. They have to think of songs that would work well with the songs and they write a paragraph as to why the song they selected would work well with the scene
    • My directions talk about a CD creation. I no longer do this since my school became a Google school. I now just have my students create a YouTube playlist.
  • Body Biography
    • This is by far my favorite activity for the students do to. It really forces them to analyse a character. The results are also usually very well done and make perfect artwork to laminate and hang on your walls to display student work (another win-win). Get the rubric here
  • Newsletter
    • You can also find this assignment on my Iliad resource page but here is how I did the newsletter in regards to Romeo and Juliet. I also have the directions I give the students on how to create a newsletter in Publisher. Again, this assignment can easily be done in Word.

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