The Odyssey Resources

Below are some resources that I've used at various times over the past three years for teaching The Odyssey. Hopefully you can find them useful and make them your own. 

  • Travel Brochure
    • This is a great end unit activity. Students act as though they are part of a travel agency and want to give people the ability to retrace the steps Odysseus took. I have them use Microsoft Publisher but it can easily be adapted to be done on Word or via hard copy.
  • Background Info
    • Surprise, surprise, it is a Prezi with guided notes. I really like doing these because even if student's lose their notes, they can easily go back and view them online. The link to the Prezi can be found here.
  • Storyboards
    • I am a HUGE fan of storyboards for difficult text. My freshmen sometimes get confused as to what is happening when since it is so much to remember. To help them, I have them do storyboards for each section they read where they draw the images and write a short blurb about what is happening. This can easily be adapted for any work or any part of The Odyssey. This particular one was done for when Odysseus faces the suitors. You can easily change it to be a different part.
  • Epic Hero Background Notes
    • Although I normally do this with The Iliad, it also works with The Odyssey. So if you only read one, it still works. Enjoy! (yes, it is another Prezi....sue me). Find the link to the Prezi here.
  • Percy vs Odysseus
    • Our freshmen read Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief for summer reading since it is a great tie in to Greek mythology, which is our first unit. Therefore, to help them see connections and make it easier to remember The Odyssey, I have them fill out this chart to compare the two characters. It works really well and forces them to use higher level thinking skills. Also, once they realize how much the two have in common, they begin to enjoy The Odyssey more. You can do this after Odysseus completes his adventures and is finally on his way back to Ithaca since he is done facing monsters by then.

As always, if you want to look at the other resources I have, you can find them here.

Happy hunting!

FoxTrot by Bill Amend


  1. I was so disappointed to be unable to access some of your resources. I am moving from The Lightning Thief to mythology, so am interested to see what you did.

  2. I am so sorry. The IT department just changed the way we are able to share documents. Thank you for letting me know. I will fix the sharing abilities right now.