Thesis Essay Resources

Here are some things I've used when dealing with thesis essays from notes on teaching it to rubrics. Hopefully they help :-)

If you want to see more of my resources, visit this page and see the other wonderful things I have to offer.

  • MLA Format
    • Shocker of shockers, if you've been watching my resources, it is a......PREZI! I seriously can't get enough of these. 
    • This Prezi I use as a resource for the students to look at when they are writing. It is how to format their document, in both Word and Google Drive to make sure it looks like it should if you require MLA formatting. It even includes screen shots aka I spent a lot of time on it.
  • Paper Writing Notes
    • Here are the actual notes I gave to my students using Percy Jackson as an example. Forgive my handwriting. You can tell I was never meant to teach elementary school
  • Quick and Easy "How to Write a Thesis Essay"
    • is a Prezi
    • Just a quick refresher. It isn't meant to be used when students are introduced to a thesis essay but as a reference for students throughout the year.
  • Grid Rubric
    • Simple, easy, grid style rubric for grading thesis essays
  • Checklist Rubric
    • Same content just a different way of presenting the information

Bonus: A game to play while grading

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