Thursday, February 27, 2014

Methods to Avoiding Tough Situations

*Update at the bottom

I made girls cry yesterday.

I made them cry in both happiness and sadness.


Well, I coach JV softball (just add another thing to what I do under the title "Teacher") and we had to make our cuts yesterday. Some girls cried with joy and some cried with sadness.

You know how crappy that makes you feel?

If you don't, let me explain to you. The ratio of how crappy it was to how many glasses of wine I needed was 1:3.

Meaning, for every girl I had to cut, I wanted to have three glasses of wine.

Granted, I didn't end up drinking 15 glasses of wine but I really wanted to.

The worst part? One of the girls is a student of mine.

So I'm basically sitting here panicking because I'll have to face her in two periods and I'm trying to figure out ways not to.

  1. Method 1: Climb out the window
    • Pros: I will avoid seeing the student. 
    • Cons: I will most likely break something since I teach on the second story
  2. Method 2: Call in sick with a sudden and rare virus
    • Pros: I will avoid seeing the student
    • Cons: I will have to take sick leave and then not be able to lead my team in practice
  3. Method 3: Pretend she is invisible
    • Pros: I will avoid having to talk to her about it if she wants to
    • Cons: I will look like even a bigger jerk then when I cut her
  4. Method 4: Have the front office call her down for some made up reason
    • Pros: I will avoid seeing the student
    • Cons: I will not only embarrass the poor student but I will also look like a crazy person to my administration
  5. Method 5: Acting like an adult and dealing with the situation of her possibly wanting to talk about it or being angry at me like teenagers tend to do
    • Pros: I act like an adult
    • Cons: I have to deal with the situation

Crap. I have to go with method 5. 

I hate being an adult sometimes


Update: So I took the adult method and it paid off. I was able to face the student and she even asked for help. Yay! She didn't hold it against me!

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